Why You Should Make List Building The Focus Of Your Business

There is an old saying that “the money is in the list” and this is very true.

When you build an email list of people that like your niche then you can generate revenue by offering them products and services that are related to your niche.


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Isn’t it Tough to Build a List?

Many people think that list building is really tough, which is the main reason that they don’t do it.

There is nothing tough about it but it will take you time to build a large list of subscribers.

Tools are available to help you build your list and some are free and some will cost you money.

Adding an “opt in box” to your website is something that everyone can do– you do not require graphic design skills for this.
There are many large list owners out there that have absolutely no technical skills. This means that you can build a large list.

To build your list, you will require an autoresponder for the automatic sending of emails and the code to create your opt in box.

You must entice people to provide their email address to you and this is best achieved with a free lead magnet. A lead magnet can be in the form of a report or even a video that shares something of value.

These days’ people are concerned about providing their email addresses so you need to provide something of value in exchange for this.

The value of subscribers on your list will far outweigh the cost of creating the lead magnet.


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A List is an Asset

There is a lot of value in a niche specific list of subscribers.

This value will increase in proportion to the size of your email list.

If you just sell products and services and do not capture email addresses of your visitors and customers then you will lose this added value.

An online business that has an associated list of subscribers is a lot more valuable than one that does not have a list.

Each person on your list has a value and if someone is interested in purchasing your business they will be aware of this.


Money on Demand

When you respect your list members and provide them with valuable content with the emails that you send, you will have the ability to make money on demand.

You will have earned the respect of your email subscribers and when you present an offer to them they will be likely to check it out and some will purchase.

Many large list owners have made fortunes with email marketing and you can as well. Email is more direct than advertising and a lot more effective.

Your email subscribers will know and trust you, so they will be more inclined to buy what you offer.


Think Long Term with List Building

There are a number of challenges associated with list building.

You will need to invest time, effort (and money if you choose) to create a big list. The long term benefits are worth it.

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