Why Our Diets Are Badly Failing Us and What We Can Do About It

Right now, there’s a likelihood that your diet is woefully insufficient when it concerns ensuring you are in the best possible health. In reality, there’s a great chance that your diet might be killing you.

And what is the offender here?

The response is empty calories and processed foods.

These days, a big proportion of what we consume is ready prepared and ‘processed’. That means that it has invested a lot of time in a factory and hence bears little similarity to what the ingredients originally appeared like.


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A fine example is a bag of crisps, which does not tend to have much potato left in it at all. Chocolate is made from a cocoa bean but the rest is simply processed. And all set made lasagne will have had all the goodness fried out of it and a lot of salt, sugar and bad fats included to attempt and keep it maintained.

All this suggests that you’re getting calories from your diet– calories that will supply you with energy and make you acquire weight– however no nutrition.

Why We Require Nutrition

It is an error to think of food as fuel. Calories are fuel and they take place to be in our food. However, food is more than that.
Apart from likewise being a gathering and a pastime, food should likewise give raw products. The stating that you ‘are what you eat’ is literally real and when you eat any meal, your body will simplify into its constituent parts and after that reassemble those parts in order to develop your muscle, create enzymes and hormonal agents and even produce neurotransmitters (the chemicals that make our brain work).

When you don’t get these things, you’ll find yourself feeling considerably even worse. If you do not get enough vitamin C for example, then your body immune system won’t have the ability to perform at its best and you’ll be much more likely to get ill. Worse, vitamin C is also vital for helping you produce serotonin. Take that away and your mood will drop. It likewise helps us sleep!

Similarly, when you do not get enough omega 3 fatty acids, it can trigger swelling– this makes your joints harmed, it creates brain fog and it can result in health problem.

A lack of amino acid will mean that your muscles are weaker and smaller. And it will lead to your skin looking grey and your nails being fragile.

The short term problems deserve a lot of concern but more worrying still is what this does to your health in the long term. The damage here is cumulative and in the end you will be more likely to suffer with a variety of diseases.


What to do About It

The answer is to stop thinking about food as fuel and to instead think of the quality of the raw products you’re putting into your system. Find ways to get more nutrition food in your diet -even if that implies just including a smoothie into your regular!


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