Why Cynical Does Not Build an Audience

Here’s where 99% of unsuccessful brands are going wrong: they are too cynical.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that they are getting into online marketing and creating a brand for all the wrong reasons.

Most often, this means that they’re getting into it because they want to make a quick buck and they want to promote their product to as many people as possible.


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Simple: it turns their brand into one that people will come to associate with spam.

It demonstrates a complete lack of interest when it comes to providing value and quality.

I want you to realize that in order to have a highly successful brand and build a big audience, you need to choose a niche that you are passionate about. You need to build a brand that you are proud of and that you love.

Reasons Why Cynical Doesn’t Work

Take a look at the biggest sites in your niche– the ones that you yourself probably signed up to.

These are the sites that have unique logos, stunningly designed websites and an interesting hook that sets them apart from the competition. They provide excellent content and they clearly are invested emotionally in the subject of their blog.

This makes a huge difference because it means that when you land on their site, you know what they’re all about and you trust them. The site looks professional and their writing is eloquent and well informed.

Compare this to a site that has clearly been knocked together and that is only interested in selling to you.

I encounter lots of clients who are attempting to build the latter kind of site.

You never see those sites again.

They are writing about a subject of which they are ill informed and they are selling a product without demonstrating any capability to make something worthwhile.

Building a passion project takes longer. It is the only way to build an audience. Trust me.

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