What Products Should You Promote?

When you choose a niche for email marketing, it is vital that the niche has a lot of products and services that you can offer as an affiliate.

If you have your own products and services then of course you will promote these too.

This is fine if these niches can be easily monetized with a lot of good products. If this is not possible then do not choose this niche.

Business economics

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Seasonal niches need to be avoided as well Instead choose an evergreen niche that is in demand the whole year around. “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” are great but when they are over the money dries up.

What will you do after that?
What are good evergreen niches? Well health and fitness is huge as is dating and relationships and making money online. The make money online niche is highly recommended as there are tons of products available to promote. We will use this niche for the remainder of this article.

Relevant Offers Only

You may think that this is obvious but some email marketers will still recommend products that are not related to their niche and then wonder why they do not make any sales. Let’s say you decide to write an email about email marketing. The product offer could be an autoresponder service, a product for squeeze pages and so on.
There are some really good affiliate network websites for the make money online niche. You will find many different products and services to promote on them. Every time a sale is made you will be paid a commission either via PayPal or by check.


Clickbank.com is a good place to look for make money online products to promote. Commissions are paid twice monthly by Clickbank and they are always on time. There is no requirement to gain approval to promote a product so you can start immediately.

When you are checking out products look at the gravity rating. The higher the gravity the more affiliates are promoting and making sales. Then go to the sales page and see if it looks good and would convert. Ask yourself if you would make a purchase. When you have chosen your product just get the affiliate link.

There is a drawback with Clickbank and the make money niche. Some of your subscribers may already have a Clickbank account and they could use their own link to purchase and you would not get a commission.

Warrior Plus

There are always lots of make money online products to promote on Warrior Plus. With most of the products you will need to request approval to promote.


You will find good make money online products on JVZoo as well and it works in a similar way to Warrior Plus. They publish their best sellers and you will find all of the important metrics that you need. Again you will need to request approval to promote on JVZoo.


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