This Is the First Thing You Need To Do To Become More Successful

Alec Holland

What is the first thing you need to do to become more successful?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking, “Okay, I will buy a book or I will sign up for some course.” Other people might think they have to find the right guru or mentor to help them achieve success.

There’s something more fundamental you need to do.

There’s something more basic you need to attend to.

Pay attention to your mental inventory because until and unless you believe you can change, nothing will happen in your life.

This is a powerful form of this. Because you’re trying to become more successful, this is the most important ingredient in the process of changing your results.

This is a simple matter of changing your results.

Obviously, you’re not happy with the results you’re getting. You want to be more successful but don’t automatically assume that you can change.

Recognize its full features. Most people don’t go through this.

They automatically assume that they can change.

They buy book after book, sign up for course after course, take many steps, and end up with a lot of nothing. They built their empire of change on a foundation of sand.

They didn’t believe things can change.

They didn’t believe they were worthy of success.

They didn’t believe they have full authority and ownership of their life. Because it is the key that turns the lock of that mental prison you’re in, please understand that you should believe you can change.

You’re not locked in the past.

Instead, the self-fulfilling prophecies paralyze you and that becomes your future. You should analyze what you’re thinking and what you believe about yourself. If your beliefs are the wrong place, you are wasting your time.

What do you need to believe?

Believe you can change. Believing you can change means you can effect change all across your life.

Now, repeat it again and again.

After you’ve done that, I want you to come up with three solid examples when you changed. Most people can do this fairly easily because you are capable of change.

That is change. Because at a certain point in time in your life’s history you did not know how to ride a bicycle.

Look for these monumental changes in your life.

It doesn’t have to be dramatic or overly grand but once you base it on the truth of how you changed in the past that means you can change now.


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