The Systems You Need to Run a Successful Business


For your business to be successful in generating predictable and steady sales and cash flow, you need to develop systems that allow your business to run smoothly without you.

Until you can establish and document viable systems and processes, the business activity only exists in the mind of those who know how to do it and can not be replicated or duplicated when they are absent.

Systemizing the following business activities will free up your time so you can focus your energy on growing your business.


Lead Generation

To generate a steady stream of qualified leads you need to develop a proven system of advertising, promotion, and marketing.

Without a continuous and predictable stream of leads, your company’s sales and revenue will quickly dry up, and your cash flow will slow down. This can eventually threaten the survival of your business.


Lead Conversion

To convert interested prospects into customers, you need to have a proven sales system in place. The system will begin with a sales script that every employee will use from the first contact through to the completed sale.

Using preplanned sales script can triple your sales in a short amount of time. Sales scripts allow anyone who is talking to potential customers to know exactly what to say through the entire process.


Delivery System

To fulfill orders and deliver the product on time, you need to develop a step-by-step delivery system.

A reliable delivery system, with clearly documented steps, will enable you to get your product or service out to the customer efficiently and quickly with minimum delays.


Service Systems

Having written policies and procedures in place for providing follow-up service to your customers is an integral part of any business system.

A service system should include ways to handle customer complaints, how to generate additional sales, how to ask for referrals from satisfied customers, and how to alert your current customers of new products and services your business offers.


Personnel Systems

Your business needs to develop written systems that describe each position in your company and how it is done, as well as methods for training new employees and personnel relations.

Each of your employees needs to know what is expected of them and the standard of quality he or she are required to meet.

Documenting the processes of your company take a tremendous amount of effort, time, and expense, but once you’re able to systemize your business processes, you’ll be able to focus on growing your business and increasing your revenue.


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