The 5 most common mistakes list marketers make

If you are new to the list marketing game, welcome aboard!

I wish I could make the claim that everything would be smooth-sailing from this point on.

You have to understand that the vast majority of list marketers do not succeed precisely because they keep making the same 5 common mistakes.

If you don’t want to join their ranks, pay attention to what I’m about to say. Make sure you don’t commit these errors. Most importantly, make sure that you do things in such a way that you prevent yourself from making these mistakes.

Applied linguistics

Mistake # 1: Send irrelevant updates

The easiest way for you to torpedo the commercial value of the list that you worked so hard to build is to send irrelevant updates.

These are off-topic content updates, which don’t have anything to do with the reason why people joined your list in the first place.

For example, if you’re giving away a free book on how to adopt a Keto diet and the updates you send are about Chihuahua puppies, don’t be surprised if people don’t open your emails.

Don’t be shocked if they don’t click your links. You shouldn’t even be that surprised if people start reporting your email as spam.

You would be breaking the trust the people have in your list. Remember, when they signed up to your mailing list by giving you their email address, it was with the understanding that you would give them content that fits the context of the stuff they’re interested in.


Mistake # 2: Send irrelevant offers

A lot of list marketers try to play a quick and dirty game with list members.

On its face, when you look at their updates on a superficial level, it seems that the list owner is sending relevant information.

When you look at the actual links where you are being called to action to buy something or sign up for another list, it’s talking about Chihuahua puppies, espresso makers or baby shoes.

Do you think people on that list will be motivated to click?


Mistake # 3: Fail to understand how to do audience needs profiling

A lot of list marketers think that since they recruited their list members regarding one specific need that they are stuck with that concern. They feel that they really have no business talking about something else.

They feel that it doesn’t make any sense for them to talk about other topics regardless of how closely related they are to the main topic of their list.

Since they feel that their hands are tied, they might not be able to send the right offers because those offers may not be all that abundant. As a result, the list doesn’t make as much money as it could.

This is a very common mistake, and it all involves the list marketer’s inability to profile people based on their needs. Let’s put it this way: People who share one need usually share other interests.

If you have a mailing list for couples who just got married, you may be thinking that the need they share involves wedding-related stuff. Well, after they got married and the wedding is over, the need for your list is actually quite low.

You need to start thinking outside the box. If you look at the profile of those people, they have many shared interests. People who just got married are usually looking for a new place to stay.

They don’t want to live with their parents. Most Americans don’t want to depend on their parents. We’re independent, so we want to strike out on our own.

Whether we buy a house or an apartment, it doesn’t matter. We’re seeking to start our own home.

You can’t just focus on the specific need that animated people to join your list in the first place. You need to look at their shared interests. This way, when you send updates and properly explain these updates, they won’t come across as spam.


Mistake # 4: Fail to educate with informative updates

If you want to sell people on a product or service, you need to educate them.

You have to understand that when a person signs up for your mailing list, they may do so not because they completely trust your brand 100%. They might just want to know more about a particular problem.

Maybe they already liked your particular spin on the problem and your range of solutions, but they are still unsure whether they want to buy from you.

If you were to just send calls to action to your list to buy stuff and that’s all your updates consist of, you probably couldn’t convert too many people.

Your emails might have the opposite effect. Instead of getting them to buy, the only thing you might convince them to do is to report your email for spam.

You have to educate people on your email updates. Look credible in their eyes because you keep sending them information that proves that you’re some sort of authority.

Next, get them to like the specific implementations you offer. They are not ready to buy, but you get them to like because you give them details and they fit their needs.

You may be thinking that this is impossible because it takes so long.

Well, guess what, your competitors don’t have the same advantage as you because they have not been talking to your prospects as long as your brand have been talking to them.

Educate your prospects with informative updates and you ‘d be surprised as to how many of them would convert.


Mistake # 5: Unclear value-add

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve signed up to a mailing list only to ask myself at some point in time in the future why I signed up in the first place.

The reason I get that impression from time to time is that the updates that I get are unclear as to what value they bring to my life. Do you think I would be excited to convert?

Do you think I would be falling over myself to click that link that leads me to a sales page?

Absolutely not. To avoid this problem, stop beating around the bush. Don’t waste people’s time with bland or lifeless headlines.

There has to be a direct fit between the emotional urgency of the headlines, the value of the content, and the needs of the recipient. Otherwise, you’re playing the game wrong.

If you want your email marketing business to succeed, pay close attention to the 5 most common mistakes I outlined above.

They can go a long way in ensuring the success of your business or guaranteeing its failure. The choice is yours.

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