What business leaders can learn from Jeff Bezos leaked texts

Joel Wallenstrom The ‘below the belt selfie’ media circus surrounding Jeff Bezos has made encrypted communications top of mind among nervous executive handlers. Their assumption is that a product with serious cryptography like Wickr – where I work – or Signal could have helped help Mr. Bezos and Amazon avoid this drama. I worry that moments like these will drag serious cryptography down to the level of the National Enquirer. I’m concerned that this media cycle may lead people to view privacy and cryptography as a safety net for billionaires rather than a transformative solution for data minimization and privacy. We cannot let this media cycle pass without recognizing that when corporate executives take a laissez-faire approach to digital privacy, …

Reddit says government data requests more than doubled in 2018

Reddit has said the number of government requests for user data more than doubled in 2018 than on the previous year. The news and content sharing site said in its latest transparency report, posted Wednesday, it received 752 requests from governments during the year, up from 310 requests a year earlier. Broken down, that’s 171 requests to preserve account data — up from 79 requests in 2017, and 581 requests to produce user data — up from 231 requests. Reddit said it complied with 77 percent of requests to turn over user data, and  Amazon’s barely-transparent transparency report somehow gets more opaque Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific