Elements Of A Quality Backlink

Now, that you understand how a backlink is coded and some of the history behind why the search engine ranking algorithms were changed, you are in a better position to see how your website might be analyzed for quality links.

Obviously, you don’t want to add your link to websites that are link farms as this will now penalize, rather than enhance your search engine ranking.

And, you know that search engine optimization is interested in the relevance of your site compared to the content of your site.

Understanding this makes it easier to understand that when your backlinks are analyzed, they aren’t just done so based on their isolated coding, they are done with respect to the environment too.

This environment includes, the page rank of the site that is linking to you, your own website’s content, and the page environment and content that the buckling springs from.


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 PageRank (PR).

The best types of quality links come from sites that have a high page rank in Google’s search engine.

It takes time to develop page rank and you should try to link to sites with a slightly higher page rank than your own, thus building up your own site’s reputation.


Website Content Matching.

Ideally, you would want to get a backlink from a site that not only has a higher page rank than you do, but also that has something to do with the content of your site.

You may want to be included in a site that reviews dating sites if your site is about dating. It’s likely to be ignored as a good quality backlink if you just get a backlink from someone who is selling Bibles.

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Page Positioning.

Paid text links are now not considered good quality links by Google, but how that algorithm is determined, it’s anyone’s guess.

They appear to make page positioning an indicator of whether a text link is paid or not.


Page Hierarchy.

Within any website, there is a directory tree that leads people deeper and deeper into the site.

The higher a web page is in the directory structure the more value it has to you as a potential host for your backlink.

Because this is the prime real estate for websites that everyone is sure to visit, the home page of a site with good ranking is an excellent place to get a backlink.


Anchor Text.

The anchor text used by the linking site is becoming more important.

If you have a site that sells shoes and the anchor text that backlinks to you is “pretty ware” then it won’t be as efficient as one that clearly describes your offerings like “quality top-brand shoes.”

This effect appears to be evaluated across the board with the more backlinks using quality anchor text, the higher your page ranking in the results pages becomes.

Apply these elements in your backlink campaigns and you’ll absolutely gain additional traffic.


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