5 Benefits of Niche Marketing – How to Find Keywords in Your Niche

Every business has a target audience and within that target audience is a smaller subgroup of people that share specific characteristics and who have particular needs, wants, and preferences.

These niches are a rich source of marketing opportunities for every business owner.

While niche marketing isn’t for every business, those businesses that have the chance to cater a niche market can gain many valuable benefits.

Enhanced Customer Relationships
Niche marketing targets a specific type of customer, so depending on what you’re selling, your market could be small. A small customer base has its benefits.

When you engage with fewer people, you can focus more on the quality of those interactions and on nurturing those relationships.

Reduced Competition
Marketing a highly specific product or service means you will have less competition with the same offering.

The more particular your product or service, the fewer companies that you will have to compete with for customers, and the more difficult it will be for them to copy your strategies.

Increased Visibility
Increased visibility not only leads to a higher number of customers but can also improve your online presence.

Businesses with a unique product or service tend to stand out from the crowd and are often featured on media outlets like the newspaper or radio stations.

Word of Mouth Advertising
Another great benefit of niche marketing is that it is incredibly word-of-mouth-friendly.

You have more opportunities to get the word out about your business because people in specific niches tend to be in frequent contact with others in the niche.

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The better you serve your niche customers, the more likely they are to recommend them to their friends and family.

Honed Expertise
Niche marketing requires you fine tune your expertise in a shorter amount of time.

People may become aware of your business just because of the specialty product or service you provide.

Whether your business serves only your niche or is among other audiences, the purpose is the same.

If you try to compete at everything, you’re not going to win at anything.

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How to Find Keywords in Your Niche


Niche keywords are highly specific, long-tail keywords that relate to a narrow, industry market.

For you to be successful in your chosen niche, it is essential for you to optimize your site and your pay-per-click campaigns with niche keywords and not just broad, popular terms.

Learn how to perform niche keyword research in three easy steps.

Step 1  Use a Keyword Research Tool
Before you can get started in choosing your keywords, you need to identify the niche you will be working with. Regardless of how much you know about your particular niche, it can be a challenge to know ahead of time what keywords will be the most profitable. Conducting keyword research will help you identify a broad range of potential keywords along with less obvious terms that could drive traffic to your site.

Step 2  Refine Your Keyword List
The list of keywords that you gather has no inherent value, unless you do something with them.

You can use the keyword research tool to improve your keywords and provide you with valuable data on each keyword’s search volume.

The keyword list that you generate should be as specific to your business as possible.

You don’t have to adopt every suggested term, but you do need to be aware of them because they could be good indicators of behaviors or purchasing patterns that can be used in your advertising.

Step 3  Determine the Competitiveness of the Keywords
You need to analyze the competitiveness of each of the keywords and key phrases on your list. WordSteam’s Keyword Tool  will provide you with an opportunity score that shows you the relative difficulty of ranking for each keyword on your list.

The tool’s unique algorithm can assess the viability of a given search query within the context of your existing pay-per-click strategy.

Successful keyword targeting requires you to monitor and tweak your efforts continually.

After spending the time to identify the best niche keywords, you can continuously track how those keywords perform you your site and in agreement with your specific business goals.

Make continual keyword research a priority in your business and always be vigilant about analyzing and acting on your research to continue to improve your results.


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